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Welcome to the myth of the Santorini Reflexions Hotels!
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The Santorini Reflexions include two hotels:
The Santorini Reflexions Volcano and the Santorini Reflexions Sea. The Santorini Reflexions Volcano is situated in Fira, the capital of the island. It is built on the impressive declining caldera rocks with a view of the volcano.
The Santorini Reflexions Sea is situated on the beautiful black volcanic beach of Kamari, next to the sea and viewing the neighbouring islands.
santorini reflexions
The divine face of Santorini is reflected on the Santorini Reflexions Hotels!
The myth of Santorini is the following: the opposite elements of nature are attracted to each other creating the irresistible beauty! This is also the myth of the Santorini Reflexions. Santorini means: volcano and sea, fire and water, sweet sensation of carefree days on the beach and wild beauty of caldera rocks. Santorini means: reflections of sunset and reflections of sunrise. Santorini means Santorini Reflexions Volcano and Santorini Reflexions Sea.
santorini reflexions
The Santorini Reflexions Volcano with the volcano, the caldera and the flames of the sunset, is a symbol of passion.
The Santorini Reflexions Sea with the light blue waves, the black sandy beach and the dew of the Sunrise, is a symbol of  serenity. The Santorini Reflexions Hotels are the myth of passion and serenity, the myth of Santorini.
The Santorini Reflexions Hotels present to you the protagonists of this myth:
The Santorini Reflexions Volcano and the Santorini Reflexions Sea!
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Santorini Reflexions Hotels
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Santorini Reflexions Volcano
Fira 84700, Santorini Greece
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